Book Review Policy

Why Do I Review Books?
I review books for my own enjoyment. I love to read books and share my thoughts about them, whether anyone reads my reviews or not. If someone reads the review than I am flattered that they would take the time to read my thoughts. My reviews are by no means critical or professional reviews. I simply share my thoughts and honest opinions about a book - what I loved, what I didn't love, what the book made me feel or consider, etc.

I do not accept compensation or bribes for a review, nor do I promise a positive review. In exchange for your book, I will give you my honest opinion and nothing more or less. I prefer to receive books as MOBI or PDF for my Kindle, but I also accept ePub and hard copies.

What should you expect in my reviews?
  • Blog post title with author's name and title of book 
  • Cover of book within the post (usually taken from Goodreads or Amazon) 
  • An overview of the basic story plots (I try to keep spoilers to a minimum unless they are needed to make a point. I always warn readers if a post contains spoilers)
  • An honest review of my thoughts and opinions 
  • A "star rating" 

Rating Scale
5 Stars: I could read it over and over!
4 Stars: I loved it! Highly recommended!
3 Stars: I liked it...worth the read...
2 Stars: It was okay...
1 Star: I had to force myself to finish it...

Time Frame
I am not a professional blogger and have a full time job as a school teacher. Reading and blogging are things that I do in my spare time, so I cannot give you a review date. If I accept your request I will do my best to review the book within a 4 week period. If you are interested in having me review your book, please contact me via my blog.

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