The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

The Lucky One is a re-read for me. I'm a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks and his swoon worthy romances :) I first read The Lucky One a few years ago and loved it. In fact, it's one of my favorite NSparks (my nickname for his books) books.

The Lucky One is about Logan Thibault, a U.S. Marine who finds a photograph of a woman during his 3rd tour of Iraq. After finding the photo, Logan survives several close calls and his best friend, Victor, attributes his good fortune to the photograph. After returning to the U.S., Logan finds himself unable to forget about the woman in the photo. He sets off, with his faithful companion Zeus, on a cross-country journey to find the woman in the photo. What he ends up finding is much more than what he expects. He finds his destiny.

I decided to re-read The Lucky One after recently seeing the movie. It had been a few years since I had read the book, and while I remembered the story, I had forgotten some of the finer details. Since I loved it the first time, I figured why not pick it up again? The book was much better than the movie, but that always seems to be the case. However, I was not completely disappointed by the movie. It stayed fairly true to the book with only minor additions and subtractions. Zac Efron was not the Logan I pictured in my head, but I thought he did a good job portraying the character. He's certainly come a long way from High School Musical!

I enjoyed reading The Lucky One for the second time just as much as the first time. Nicholas Sparks is a truly remarkable storyteller. His style is simple and uncomplicated, but he creates characters that are easy to relate to and who you truly come to care for. His leading men are swoon worthy and appeal tremendously to a hopeless romantic such as myself, without being too sappy. I recommend the movie if you enjoy chick flicks and highly recommend the book!

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