Until We Fly (Beautifully Broken #4) by Courtney Cole

Brand Killien has spent his life trying to be good - a good friend, a good soldier, a good everything - all in an effort to overcome a past where he was told repeatedly that he wasn't good enough. But after having his heart broken again, Brand is done being the good guy and is determined to never let anyone in again.

When a family emergency brings Brand reluctantly back to his hometown, his path crosses Nora Greene's in a dramatic turn of events. Nora has loved Brand from a far since she was a teenager. No one has ever been able to measure up to Brand's goodness, and Nora is determined to make him hers, even if he fights her every step of the way, and even if it can only be for a short while.

Both Brand and Nora have dark secrets and are scarred from their broken pasts. Their relationship was only supposed to be a fling, but as they grow closer, more and more of their pasts are exposed, and they slowly begin to help each other heal. However, when Nora's past comes back to threaten not only her, but Brand as well, she is forced to make a decision that could mean the end of her and Brand, unless they are both willing to fight back.


Brand, Brand, Brand! I have been waiting (rather impatiently) for this book to be released. If you haven't read the Beautifully Broken series, then you need to ASAP! These books are amazing and are a prime example of what makes the New Adult genre so fantastic. Each of these stories is about loss and love, and are packed with angst, emotion, heart, and plenty of steam as well. My heart squeezed for Brand from the first moment he appeared on the page. I can totally see why he was Nora's fantasy, because he really is perfect. He is good, brave, loyal, protective, sweet, just anything you could want. He's the kind of book boyfriend that makes you lament the fact that guys like him only exist in fiction.

I was so happy to hear that Courtney was giving him his own book, because he really did deserve his own happy ending. What I wasn't expecting was his totally gut wrenching back story. I shouldn't have been too surprised, seeing as every other book in the series involves a heartbreaking back story. All the story really did was make me love Brand even more. I liked how Nora also had a broken past as well. It made for a highly emotional read and kept me flying through the pages. The resolution of the story had me crying and this book earned a big book hug at the end. I highly recommend this series.

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