Captain Tomahawk and the Sky-Lion by Marty S. Dalton

Shot down and stranded with no way home, contagiously exuberant and self-proclaimed “greatest pilot there ever was,” Captain Anna Tomahawk, must fight through a retro-futuristic landscape to save a rebellion, rescue her friends, and—one way or another—finally lead the way out of the desert.

In a wildly fun, steampunk spirit reminiscent of "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Watership Down," "Captain Tomahawk and the Sky-Lion" is an adventure filled with talking animals, mechanical wizardry, and barely-believable action, where one eccentric girl is all it takes to prove that anything good is possible and that even a little hope can overcome the longest odds.


This is a debut novel from Marty S. Dalton, one of my favorite poets. It is a fun little novel, with engaging characters and plenty of action. I have been reading it aloud to my 7th grade students, and they are enjoying the story immensely. They have even gone so far as to suggest that it be made into a movie. While the book lacks a bit of sophistication and polish (that is really only developed over time), Marty's wildly imaginative storytelling makes up for any of its faults. The story has a great moral (and vague Christian undertones, although that maybe my interpretation), and makes for a wonderful addition to any YA library. I hope to read more about Captain Anna and her adventures in the future.

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