Smolder (Crush #4) by Lacey Weatherford

Russ knew true love existed—he’d seen it first hand—he simply didn’t believe it existed for him. And then she walked into his life. Russ didn’t know what had hit him . . . all he knew was that she made him burn.


This is the final installment in the Crush series by Lacey Weatherford. I was so excited to hear that Russ was getting his own book. He is such a great character - brave, loyal, selfless, ruggedly handsome - that you can't help but root for him and wish him a happy ending. Poor guy is the epitome of "nice guys finish last," which is crazy, because if he was real, I would be all over him in a heartbeat!

Just like the other books in the series, which center around Russ's friends Dylan and Cami, this book is full of drama, mixed in with some danger, suspense, and a whole lot of sexy. There were points in the story that I got a little frustrated with Russ's main squeeze, Evie, and the solution to the inevitable obstacle that drives them apart was a little dragged out, but in the end, I was happy.

You definitely shouldn't read this book until you have read the other books in the series due to spoilers, but it's worth the read.

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