Unbeautiful Series by Jessica Sorensen

The Unbeautiful series is another spin-off of The Coincidence series, telling the story of Emery and Ryler (Luke's (best friend of Kayden) cousin). On the outside, Emery is perfect. It was what she was raised to be. But on the inside, Emery hides many secrets. Desperate to escape her controlling parents, Emery leaves everything behind to move to Wyoming for school, or so she thinks.

On the outside, Ryler looks like nothing but trouble. His piercings, tattoos, and the fact that he doesn't talk mark him as different, dangerous. But Ryler only has one desire, to escape the hell that is his life and start over anew. Convinced by the FBI to work undercover and help bring down a powerful criminal in exchange for a new start, Ryler finds himself living a double life, his only focus his elusive future, until he meets Emery.

Both Ryler and Emery have secrets, dark secrets. The more time they spend together, the more they discover how intertwined their secrets are. When secrets and shadows abound, trust is a precarious thing, and Emery and Ryler face the decision about whether they will remain in the dark, or together reveal the truth.


Another fantastic read from Jessica. The story was exciting, suspenseful, and dramatic. I read both books in a day. I'm glad I waited to read them together, as Unbeautiful ends just as the story really gets going. There are plenty of plot twists and the relationship between Ryler and Emery is angsty perfection. Their story wraps up very nicely in Untamed, and overall I was extremely pleased with the story. 

These books can be read as stand-alones, but there is some crossover with characters from previous books in the series. 

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