Inspiring You (Unraveling You #4) by Jessica Sorensen

Ayden knows it’s time to remember what really happened four years ago, so he can help save his sister. With the help of Lyric, he faces his past head on.

But dealing with the truth is difficult.

Will Ayden finally be free of his past so he can move forward to his future?


This was a short and sweet ending to Ayden and Lyric's story. While I enjoyed the story, I was slightly disappointed by this one. I felt like events from the previous books really built up anticipation for some of the events in this final installment that just feel a little short.

For example, the supposedly highly risky memory treatment that Ayden considers undergoing in an effort to help find his sister. Spoiler Alert: Ayden undergoes the treatment. However, it does not turn out to be as dramatic as I would have anticipated. Another example (and another spoiler!!): Finding Ayden's sister, Sadie. Again, the build up to this event was so great throughout the whole series that I just thought the actual event would have been much more...something.

In the end, I was happy about how Ayden and Lyric's story played out, but felt this book lacked a lot of the drama and excitement that I have come to expect from a Jessica Sorensen novel. Having said that, I still think the series is worth the read.

There are two more books planned in this series. Up first is Sadie and Sage's story, Forget Me Not, followed by Iridescent, which is Fiona's story. I am excited for both and hope that these installments will bring back the drama I so love!

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