Fresh Air: What Happens When You Discover the Powerful Secrets of a God-Breathed Life by Chris Hodges

We've all gone through times in our lives when we feel like we need a fresh breeze to breathe new life into us--in our work, in our marriages, with our kids, in our friendships, and maybe at church. We've all been drawn to people who exude a kind of positive, life-giving spirit. We've also seen the difference between environments that exude a fresh air-like atmosphere and those that don't. But what is it? What is that energy-giving, life-breathing force that draws you, inspires you, and empowers you to be all God made you to be? And how do we get it? How do we put the wind in our sails again, so we can get unstuck, reclaim our compass, and redirect our course? 

In Fresh Air, Chris Hodges, founder and senior pastor of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, reveals how breath--the breath of God--is the essence of life as it's meant to be. Fueled by the breath of God, we are not only refreshed in spirit ourselves; we have the power to create a life-giving environment of freedom and joyful purpose around us. Both practical and inspiring, Fresh Air offers "breathing lessons" for those who long for a cool breeze to resuscitate their spirit, bring them closer to God, and move them toward becoming the people He made them to be.


I have had the pleasure of seeing Pastor Chris Hodges, senior pastor of the Church of the Highlands, preach a few times when he visited my church. I like his style and his easy to understand messages, so I bought Fresh Air the last time he preached at my church. 

Any Christian understands the concept of seasons. Sometimes you experience a season of prosperity and sometimes you experience a season of hardship. Sometimes you experience a season of prosperity in one area of your life, but a season of hardship in another area simultaneously. In the book, Fresh Air, Pastor Chris Hodges, addresses several areas where you might experience what he refers to as the “doldrums,” or times of struggle or stagnation. He then goes on to provide practical steps to take to bring “fresh air” into that area of your life.

Pastor Hodges offers a free online study guide through his website, which I would encourage you to download if you read this book. I found the guided questions (there were about 2-3 for each chapter) to be thought provoking and good for reflection. Overall, I found the book to be encouraging and I came away with some new insights and tools to use in my own spiritual life. 

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