The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

Cassie Andrews is junior at Fullton State College studying photography. Jack Carter is also a junior at Fullton State and a star baseball player with major league prospects. Jack is your typical cocky jock who has a reputation for sleeping his way around campus. When Cassie meets Jack at a frat party, she refuses to be taken in by his charm. Jack, who is used to getting his way with women, is intrigued and makes it his mission to get Cassie to give him the time of day. What neither of them knows is that they are both damaged - harboring wounds inflicted upon them by their own broken families. Against her better judgement, Cassie finds herself drawn to Jack and Jack seems equally smitten. He seems eager to prove to Cassie that he can pass the "guy test," a set of rules that Cassie lays out. Four simple rules - Don't lie, Don't cheat, Don't make promises you can't keep, and Don't say things you don't mean. They embark on a passionate romance as Cassie tries to trust Jack and Jack tries to not screw it up, like he always does. With just four simple rules you would think that wouldn't be so hard, right? As challenges arise and mistakes happen, Cassie and Jack have to make sure their ghosts from the past don't tear them apart.

I loved this book and Jack Carter has joined the ranks of my favorite fucked up male leads. Those of you who are fans of Christian Grey will enjoy Jack, even if he is Christian's less wealthy, less damaged, but still equally gorgeous cousin. He is yet another example of the bad boy that we girls all want to tame and transform with our love. I will warn my fellow cohorts who are not sports enthusiasts there is a lot of references to baseball in this book. It didn't bother me, as I am a big fan of America's past time, but it might bother some. Don't let that you off from the book however. While this is billed as YA Fiction, it is certainly for a more mature audience as there are a few scintillating sex scenes thrown in for the reader's enjoyment. It's nowhere near as raunchy as 50 Shades, but still equally enjoyable. Another book to add to my guilty pleasure shelf :)

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