Hush, Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick

I loved, loved, loved this series and it is probably one that I will find myself going back to reread every now and again. I think if you are fans of series like Twilight, you will probably enjoy this series. You will have to substitute fallen angels for vampires and Nephilim for werewolves, but it's not a bad transition in my opinion. Patch is my new favorite fictional (sigh, why are all the good ones made up??) male lead. He is the bad boy that Edward Cullen always aspired to be, but was never quite able to live up to. Nora, unlike Bella, didn't make me want to punch her in the face every 5 minutes. She does have some serious issues with trust and jealousy, but as a female literary character she's not that bad. Vee is a great character and I have a feeling that she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. I'm sure I would have to have bail money ready, but hey, what's life without a little fun?

I was happy that the supposed love triangle between Nora, Patch and Scott never really took off. I don't think I could have made it through the books if I had to relive a New Moonish type storyline again. I was slightly disappointed with how the book ended. I feel like Finale dragged a little bit and I was hoping for more of an epic standoff between Nora and her Nephilim usurper, which never really happened. I feel like the last two books were building to this huge battle that seemed like it was over before it really got started. Some things in the story came together a little too easily in my opinion and I wasn't thrilled with the Epilogue of the last book. It just wasn't where I anticipated the story to go and while I didn't hate it, it is not how I would have liked the story to end. I can say that I feel like everyone, with a few exceptions, got what they deserved. Definitely a easy 4 star rating for me.

Spoilers begin....NOW!

Nora lives in Coldwater, Maine and appears to be your average teenager trying to get through the day. Since her father's murder, Nora feels that someone is watching her. Her life continues in the same patterns until she meets Patch, who is unlike anyone she has ever known. He is beautiful, mysterious, and dangerous, and Nora feels drawn to him. She cannot decide whether or not to trust him. He always seems to be where she is and knows more about her than even her best friend, Vee. As Nora finds herself being stalked by a dark figure, she cannot help but to suspect Patch. As she seeks the truth, it becomes clear that Patch is more than he appears. He is a Fallen Angel - doomed to wander the Earth forever - searching for a way to become human. The problem is, in order to become human he needs a sacrifice - Nora. Despite the danger, Nora can't stay away from Patch as they fall for each other. Loving Patch is not without consequences, and Nora soon finds herself in the middle of a battle between the immortal Nephilim and the Fallen Angels.

The story continues in Crescendo...Nora survives the attack on her life and Patch, having earned his wings back, is now Nora's guardian angel. The problem is angels are not supposed to fall in love with humans. Everything seems to be going well until Nora lets three little words slip...I love you. After that, Patch becomes increasingly distant and begins to spend a great deal of time with Nora's arch-enemy Marcie Millar. Nora, believing that Patch has betrayed her and that she is just another one of his female conquests, breaks things off with Patch, but their lives continue to intersect. When an old acquaintance, Scott Parnell, moves back into town Nora can't help but think that he's hiding something about his past. When she receives an anonymous note and ring saying that the Black Hand killed her father, Nora becomes determined to find out who the Black Hand is. When the signs start to point to Scott and then Patch, Nora doesn't know who to trust. Solving the mystery will take Nora into ever increasingly dangerous situations and will lead to a discovery about her past and family that she was not expecting.

In book 3, Silence, Nora wakes up to find herself in the cemetery at her father's grave. The problem is she has no idea why she is there or how she got there, and soon discovers that she has been missing for 3 months. To make matters worse, Nora can't remember anything that happened for the last 5 months, including meeting and falling in love with Patch. Nora experiences flashes of memories - the color black - and feelings that she is missing something, or someone, important. While she was missing, her mother has begun dating Hank Millar and although she doesn't understand why, Nora is deeply suspicious of Hank. When her path crosses with Patch's (now going by Jev), Nora finds herself once again drawn to Patch without understanding why. Patch doesn't want Nora to remember. He swore an oath to her father Hank - if he let her go and kept her out of the war brewing between Nephilim and the Fallen Angels, Patch would turn spy and report the Fallen Angels' plans back to Hank. He wants her safe, but he too is drawn to Nora. When Hank double crosses Patch, all deals are off and he and Nora being plotting his demise and seeking a way to disband the Nephilim army he has been creating. After learning of a prophecy telling of his approaching death, Hank has no intention of keeping Nora on the sidelines and embarks on a plan to make her his true heir and future leader of the Nephilim army. A decision that will have dire consequences for all involved.    

Nora and Patch's story concludes in Finale. Nora is now Nephilim and leader of her father's army. She finds herself riding a precarious line as she attempts to fulfill her blood oath to her father and her promise to the archangels. Nora wants to lead her race to freedom, but doing so will result in the destruction of the fallen angels, including Patch. Nora knows she cannot live without Patch, but when the Nephilim are reluctant to accept Nora as Hank's heir, she and Patch are forced to stage a public break up and see each other only in secret. Nora throws herself into finding a solution that will allow her to free her people while still remaining with Patch. Nora soon discovers that there are powers and forces that she never imagined could exist. When she finds herself drawn to a new and addictive power she finds herself poised to lose everything that is important to her. The series concludes with an epic battle between Nephilim and the Angels. Betrayals abound. Only one race can win and both sides will suffer loses. But after all is said and done, will Nora and Patch survive together?

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