The Lucky Ones by Anna Godbersen

The Lucky Ones is the third and final book in the Bright Young Things series about three young women living in the Roaring 20's. The series began with a foreshadow - one would be famous, one would be married, and one would be dead - and without giving too many details away, this is how the series ends.

When last we left Cordelia Grey, she was reeling from the unexpected murder of her father apparently at the ends of her then lover Thom Hale. On the way home, she meets Max Darby, the famed celebrity pilot, and rescues him after his plane crashes. In The Lucky Ones, Cordelia and Max find themselves drawn into a complicated romance. His connection to Cordelia eventually leads to his secret being exposed and him losing the support of his patron. With nothing left to lose, Max and Cordelia take their relationship public and set down a path to restore Max's reputation to its former glory. Neither one could predict the turn this path will take.

Letty Larkspur has gotten her big break and has been taken under the wing of Valentine O'Dell and Sophia Ray, Hollywood's golden couple. Valentine and Sophia are determined to make Letty the next big thing and invite her to come and live with them in their penthouse and train with the best acting coaches money can buy. Letty, naive to a fault, soon discovers that everything is not as it seems. Sophia is having an affair and Valentine appears to be falling in love with Letty and helps her to secure Sophia role in an upcoming film. However Letty learns that she is just another girl in a long line of distractions for Valentine. When Letty's naivete is exposed she returns to her friends only to find out that Grady, her former flame is engaged to be married. Heartbroken, Letty fears that she has missed her chance to get everything she has ever wanted - love and fame.

Astrid Donal is now married to Charlie Grey, Cordelia's brother and heir to their father's bootlegging business. Astrid believes that she has finally gotten everything she has ever wanted, however cracks soon begin to appear in her happily ever after. Charlie is not the man she thought he was and his predisposition for violence threatens Astrid and the family business. Astrid finds herself increasingly alone and in the presence of her bodyguard, Victor, who she feels continually drawn to. The story comes to a head the night of Astrid's 18th birthday party. The events of that night will once and for all decide the destinies of all three bright young things.

I enjoyed this series, but not as much as the Lux series. I really like Godbersen's writing style and her ability to weave the stories of all the characters together. While she tells you in the beginning how the story will play out, I couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed in the ending. I think I was hoping for a more idealized happy ending for some of the characters. Nevertheless, I would recommend this series. It's an easy read and the time period is a great backdrop to the story.  

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