An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Colin Singleton is a child prodigy with a talent for anagramming, whose only claim to greatness so far is winning a game show called KranialKidz, and being dumped 19 times by 19 different Katherines. After Katherine XIX breaks his heart, Colin sets out on a road trip with his best friend Hassan, an overweight, Judge Judy loving Muslim, and ends up in Gutshot, TN. In Gutshot he meets Lindsey Lee Wells and he and Hassan are hired by her mother for the summer to record the oral histories of those who work or used to work in the factory owned by the family.

Colin believes that the world is made up of two types of people - Dumpers and Dumpees, with himself falling in the latter category. His new mission is proving The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, a theorem that will allow him to predict the future of any relationship. Colin hopes that by proving his theorem he can somehow win back the heart of Katherine and prove that he is more than just a washed up child prodigy. However, he will discover that try as he might, the future cannot be predicted.

John Green is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and this book does not disappoint. It is laugh out loud funny, and I mean literally. I was reading this book in a waiting room while getting my oil changed and literally started laughing out loud. I'm sure the other people in the waiting room thought I was nuts, but this is another great one by John Green. Colin, with his anagramming ways, is completely endearing, and Hassan is hilarious. I was initially worried when I picked this book up and realized there was math involved, as math and I have never really been on friendly terms, but it really doesn't matter. You do not have to have any mathematical understanding to follow this book. It's a fun story about the realization that the future really isn't predictable, no matter how much math is involved.

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