Paper Towns by John Green

Quentin Jacobsen is nothing spectacular. He is not popular, but he has friends and he likes his life, his routine, and looks forward to the future. Margo Roth Spiegelman is a vivacious force who Quentin has loved from afar since they were kids. Quentin and Margo do not travel in the same social circle and have not really spoken since they were 9 years old. All that changes when one night Margo climbs through Quentin's bedroom window and convinces him to be her accomplice for a campaign of revenge against all who wronged them. Quentin quickly agrees and the two of them set off on an all-night adventure. The next day Quentin awakes to discover that Margo has run away again, leaving behind clues that appear to be for him. Quentin is determined to solve the mystery and find Margo, but as he uncovers the mystery questions arise - how well did he really know Margo? How well does he know himself? Does Margo really want to be found?

Another good one from John Green. The characters are great and there are parts that will have you laughing out loud. I often wonder where he comes up with some of the antics his characters get into, but it makes his characters endearing and likable  They are the misfits that we all cheer for. Like all of his books, there are questions that will make you think and lessons to be learned. In this case, the question of how well we can know another person. Is what we know about them truly who they are, or just our perception to who they really are? And what happens when our perception is different from the reality? Should we continue to force our perception onto them, or learn to like them for who they really are and not who we perceive them to be? Paper Towns is no where near as good as The Fault in Our Stars or Finding Alaska, but it is definitely worth the read for any John Green fan.

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