Burn (Breathless #3) by Maya Banks

Burn is the third book in the Breathless Series about three wealthy, powerful businessmen and best friends named Gabe, Jace, and Ash. Each book focuses on a different man and the previous books - Rush and Fever - were phenomenal page turners full of drama, romance, and sex.

Burn focuses on Ash, the most sexually adventurous of the three. Now that Gabe and Jace has each found their matches, Ash finds himself on the outside looking in for the first time in his life. His best friends are no longer interested in living the life they had been living, and Ash is left feeling restless and unfulfilled. All that changes when Ash meets Josie, a woman who appears to be immune to his charms. In an instant, Ash knows that he has to have her and instantly sets out to make her his.

I REALLY wanted to love this book, but I just didn't. After the first two book my expectations were sky high, but as much as I hate to admit it, Burn did not live up to those expectations. I expected Burn to be the best of the three, but instead it felt so tame and almost pedestrian compared to the other two, which was extremely surprising. Ash was always billed as the most adventurous sexually, I mean he had several wild threesomes with Jace! I expected his book to be full of drama and scenes that would require cold showers like the previous two novels....not what I got at all.

Ash and Josie's relationship came together almost too quickly and there was very little drama. The other novels were dripping with drama and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. There was so much potential for drama too - Ash's family, his past "relationship" with Bethany, the thing with Michael. What little drama there was didn't appear until the last quarter of the book and even that was quickly and neatly resolved. The whole thing just felt too easy and was a complete let down. Having said all of this, I did like the book. I enjoy Maya's writing style and I love these characters. Jace's book is still the best out the series in my opinion and I still recommend picking up this series, just keep in mind that the first two books far outshine the last.  

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