Rome (Marked Men #3) by Jay Crownover

“He wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t perfect, but the love we had for each other…nothing was more perfect than that.”

Rome has always known his place. He was the protective older brother, the beloved son who ran interference between his parents and Rule, the soldier. But now that he is back from the desert, he doesn’t know where he fits. He is no longer a soldier and has come back from the desert a broken and changed man.

He couldn’t protect Remy and is struggling to bridge the rift Remy’s secret life caused in his family. Now that Rule has Shaw, he doesn’t need Rome anymore. The memories of his time at war threaten to overwhelm him. Everything that Rome used to define himself has been taken away, and he finds himself adrift in a sea of gray.

After having her heart smashed into a million pieces by her ex-boyfriend, Cora makes a vow that she will only settle for perfection. However when Cora meets Rome, she cannot deny the attraction and feelings that he inspires, even if he is as far from Cora’s idea of perfect as possible. As Cora falls for Rome, she struggles to give up on waiting for “Mr. Perfect” and risk her heart.

Cora becomes the riot of color in Rome’s gray world, and he knows that he has to put his demons to rest or risk losing her. Neither of them is perfect, but they are perfect together…if they are both willing to go all in.


This book is AMAZING! The Marked Men series is by far one of my favorites. I love each and everyone one of these characters. They are so raw and real, and the journey that Jay takes us on is heart wrenchingly perfect. This series is full of angst, drama, redemption, passion, and is by far one of the best NA series I have ever read. Each book in this series gets better and better, and I love how Jay has woven the stories of this group of misfits together. I highly recommend that you read this series in order, as they each contain spoilers for the previous novels.

Jay delivers another great one with Rome. I love Cora’s spitfire personality and admire Rome’s sense of honor and loyalty (not to mention that he is all sorts of delicious). I loved watching these two imperfect and flawed people find perfection with each other. There were some surprises and it is definitely a page-turner. It’s books like this that make me regret the fact that I have to put them down to eat, sleep and take care of other necessities. I was hooked from the very start and Rome, hands down, has the best cover. Holy hotness! This book is imperfectly perfect.

The best part is that we can expect at least 3 more books in this series! Nash (April, 2014), Rowdy (September, 2014) and Asa (TBD) are all scheduled to get their own books. We got some sneak peaks into Nash’s story and I have a feeling that it will join the ranks of my favorite guilty pleasure reads. 

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