The Destiny of Violet & Luke (The Coincidence #3) by Jessica Sorensen

The Destiny of Violet & Luke is a spin off of the The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden series by Jessica Sorensen. It follows Violet, the enigmatic roommate of Callie, and Luke, the roommate and best friend of Kayden.

Both Violet and Luke appear on the outside to be tough and in control, but both of them are damaged and beaten by their pasts. After her parents are brutally murdered, Violet spends her childhood being passed from foster home to foster home. Haunted by her past, Violet keeps her distance from everyone, shutting down her emotions, and seeking adrenaline rushes when things get to be too much. Luke's life is all about order and control, two things that he lacked growing up with his drug addict mother after his father walked out. He uses alcohol and meaningless sex to block out the memories of his past.

When Violet and Luke's paths cross, the two of them clash instantly, but they can't seem to stay away from each other. Slowly they begin to break down each other's walls and make each feel things that neither one has ever felt before. As they open up to each other about their pasts, they discover a link between them that has the power to destroy everything.

Jessica Sorensen delivers another great one with this novel. Violet and Luke are so damaged that my heart broke over and over again reading their story. These are some seriously damaged people, and I love them for it. The story moved a little slowly, was a bit repetitive at times, and I figured out what the big twist was, but that didn't stop me from being completely wrapped up in this couple's story. These two people are so perfect for each other that it will be tragic if they do not end up together.

The cliffhanger is gut-wrenching and according to Goodreads there will be a sequel entitled The Probability of Violet & Luke. It looks like it will be released some time this year, but a specific release date was not posted. Needless to say, I will be picking this one up as soon as it is released, because I am dying to find out how this story ends. I have a feeling that it will be full of a lot of drama and angst...just how I like it! Fingers crossed for a happy ending!

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