The Probability of Violet & Luke (The Coincidence #4) by Jessica Sorsensen

Luke Price and Violet Hayes haven’t seen each other in a month, not since they found out about Luke’s mother being involved in Violet’s parent’s murders. But when Luke gets into some gambling trouble, the only person he can turn to for help is Violet. 

Violet is torn on whether she should help Luke, especially because she has her own problems to worry about. But it’s hard to say no to the only person she’s ever had feelings for.

I don’t know how Jessica Sorensen manages to churn out these books, but I love them! Every single one. She creates these characters that are so beautifully broken and have such painful stories. Every book I read of hers is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, and I often find myself “suffering” from a book hangover. She is one of the few authors that have earned an automatic pre-order. I don’t care what it is, if she wrote it, I’m ordering it. Her books are that good. The Coincidence Series is one of my favorites that she has written.

Violet and Luke’s story is a spin off of Sorensen’s Callie and Kayden series. Violet is Callie’s aloof college roommate, and Luke is her boyfriend Kayden’s best friend. The two meet in The Destiny of Violet & Luke and manage to break down each other’s walls, only to find themselves torn apart by a dark secret. One month later, Violet and Luke find themselves thrown back together when Luke gets into some gambling trouble. Neither one can deny the pull they feel towards each other, but the revelations concerning their connected pasts proves to be a difficult obstacle to overcome. 

This is very much a transition book, as Sorensen has one more book planned for Violet and Luke. While the story is good, and I was pleased with how it moved the story forward, do not go into this book expecting any resolutions. In fact, while there is not “cliffhanger,” this book foreshadows several events that promise to make book three epic. Unfortunately, book three isn’t due out until September. And yes, I already have mine pre-ordered :)


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