This Time (Moments #3) by Marie Hall

Tor Boler has wanted Jamie Sullivan since the first moment he saw her eight years ago. The problem is, she doesn't see him. Jamie is still wrapped up in her on again off again boyfriend, Angel. However when Jamie receives a phone call that Angel has overdosed again, she wants nothing more than to get lost in someone and forget.

Tor asks her to stay with him, hoping that this time he can make her really see him. But Jamie never imaged that their one night of passion would make her feel alive for the first time in years, or that the consequences of that night would forever change her life. But making a relationship work with Tor isn't simple, especially since her past won't let her go.

This is the third and final installment of the Moments Series, and I wasn't disappointed. I loved this series, mostly because the characters had to overcome some pretty series obstacles to find love. It made for an angsty and emotional ride. The story had everything that you would want in a NA novel - romance, turmoil, steamy scenes, and a happy ending. Definitely worth the read.

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