The Boys South of the Mason Dixon Line Series (Episodes #1-2) by Effy Vaughn (a.k.a. Abbi Glines)

The Sutton Boys - those three words bring a smile to the faces of females of all ages in the small town of Malroy, Alabama. Five brothers who help their momma run their farm during the work week, while seeing how many women they can sweet talk out of their panties on the weekends.

Each brother has a story and just like with all families and small towns, their stories twist together into a tangled mess that changes each of their lives forever. Because for each brother there will come a moment when he has to make a decision to keep playing or finally become a man.

One will be given a gift that every man longs for.

One will be broken.

One will be lost.

One will find out what it means to be owned.

One will make the ultimate sacrifice.

South of The Mason Dixon, the boys get naughtier, the nights get hotter and the southern charm is down right addictive.


So, our dear Ms. Glines revealed a secret...that she wrote a series under the pen name Effy Vaughn, as a way to express herself artistically without the pressure of worrying about whether her readership would like the story. The problem is, she is a literary genius, so naturally people have fallen head over heals for this series. So she came clean and has been posting these novellas on her website for free. And holy $#*! are these novellas amazing! If you haven't checked them out, then get yourself over to Abbi's website stat and get on that. 

There are currently two installments of The Boys South of the Mason Dixon series posted: Asher and Bray (click their names for the link to their novella). These Sutton brothers are panty-dropping fun and this series is so full of drama and angst that it makes for a truly compelling read. Every novella leaves you wanting more, and Abbi leaves us with some serious cliffhangers that had me on the verge of shouting "No" and/or a string of curse words out loud (I seriously had to fight that impulse, as I was sitting on a public metro while reading them). Why she ever doubted that we wouldn't love this story I don't know. It is just as fantastic as all her other books. All I can say is that if she wrote a phone book, I would gladly pre-order it, wait for it (im)patiently, and devour it, just like I do with anything she chooses to publish. This is definitely a must read series for fans of Abbi and the New Adult genre. It will leave you hot and bothered, tied up in knots, and begging for more.

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