Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Born into a poor family and raised by an oppressive aunt, young Jane Eyre becomes the governess at Thornfield Manor to escape the confines of her life. There her fiery independence clashes with the brooding and mysterious nature of her employer, Mr. Rochester. But what begins as outright loathing slowly evolves into a passionate romance. When a terrible secret from Rochester's past threatens to tear the two apart, Jane must make an impossible choice: Should she follow her heart or walk away and lose her love forever?

Unabashedly romantic and utterly enthralling, Jane Eyre endures as one of the greatest love stories of all time.


Jane Eyre is a very close second to Pride and Prejudice for my favorite book of all time, and I can’t even remember how many times I have read it (I reread it almost every year). When my Reading Challenge called for a “classic romance,” I knew instantly which book I would be pulling off the shelf to read again (especially since I had just recently reread P&P). For me, this book is the epitome of what a classic romance is. It’s the kind of romance that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling all over. Their love story is impossible on so many levels, yet fate finds a way to bring them together. I love it!

I love Jane. She is so simple and unassuming, but at the same time full of spirit and sass. I admire her unwillingness to compromise herself, even if it means walking away from the one good thing in her life. I also admire her ability for forgiveness. I’m not sure I would have been so forgiving if life had dealt me the same hand as her. Mr. Rochester falls just behind Mr. Darcy as the ideal leading man. I appreciate his desire and determination to carve out a small parcel of happiness for himself, despite his bleak circumstances. Neither character is perfect, but they are perfect for each other. They complement each other so well, and every time I finish their story I can’t help but to sigh and hug my book.

2015 Reading Challenge: A Classic Romance

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