Nothing But the Truth by Avi

Ninth grader Philip Malloy is forbidden to join the track team because of his failing grades in English class. Convinced that the teacher just doesn't like him, Philip concocts a plan to get transferred into a different homeroom. Instead of standing silently during the national anthem, he hums along. And ends up on trial.


This was a fun narrative because it doesn’t follow the traditional format. The story is told through a series of transcripts, memos, newspaper articles, and letters. It was fun to read this one with my students as it focuses on a conflict between a student and a teacher. My students enjoyed using the documents as evidence to persuade others to agree with them about who was really at fault. I was also able to make some great connections to what they learned in Civics about the First Amendment. This is a great book to use with students when studying perspective, justice, and bias. It is a highly engaging YA novel.

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