Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles #3) by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Lena has claimed herself for both and Light and the Dark, and the consequences of her decision quickly become evident as Lena and Ethan return to Gatlin. Soon the town is plagued by a series of apocalyptic events - an oppressive heat wave, swarms of insects, and devastating storms. Even Lena and her supernatural family are effected, as their powers begin misfiring.

As Lena and Ethan begin searching for a way to restore the balance, Ethan finds himself being haunted in his dreams again. Even worse, he slowly begins to lose pieces of himself - chocolate milk no longer tastes the same, he can't remember phone numbers he has dialed a hundred times, and he can't recall memories of his own past. As the events in Gatlin continue to escalate, it becomes clear that the Old Order is broken and a sacrifice is needed to restore the balance. Now Ethan and those he loves will have to answer tough questions. What would you be willing to sacrifice to save the people you love most in the world? When the time came, would you be able to do what is necessary? Even if it meant that there would not be a happy ending?

Beautiful Chaos is by far my favorite book so far out of this series. Once again I found it to be fairly predictable, but I wasn't so annoyed by it this time. It could have used a good editing, as it once again seemed to drag or dwell too long on certain things. I have come to really like Ethan as a character and like how he has become much more central to the story over the course of the last two books. In many ways this was the typical 3rd book - love triangles (rectangles) were resolved, the non-supernatural embraces their destiny, and the story moves toward the final climax and hopefully (undoubtedly) the happy ending that we all want. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the final book - Beautiful Redemption.

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