Fallen Too Far (Too Far #1) by Abbi Glines

Nineteen year old Blaire has no where else to go. Her mother has just died of cancer and she is forced to sell her home and everything else to pay the medical bills. She has spent the last 3 years taking care of her mother and she needs a place to crash until she can get a job and get back on her feet. The last person she wants to go to is her father, who abandoned her family after the death of her twin sister in a car wreck in which he was the driver. Blaire's father is married again and has himself a new family. When Blaire pulls up to the house she knows instantly that she will not fit into this family. Adding further insult to injury, Blaire discovers that her father isn't event there. He has escaped to Paris with his new wife.

The house is owned by her 24 year old step-brother, Rush Finlay. Rush, the only son of a famous rock star, is used to getting his way with everything. He life is an endless party and stream of girls, and he is sexy as hell. It is clear from the beginning that he does not want Blaire there. He takes pity on her and offers her the small room located under the stairs (very Harry Potter) for a month while she finds a job and saves enough money to get a place of her own. Despite his warnings and the warnings of others that Blaire should steer clear of Rush, she finds herself drawn to him, and he to her. Rush has a secret though, a family secret that everyone seems to be in on except Blaire. A secret that has the potential to shake Blaire's world to it's core, a secret he can't bare to share with her, because both of them have already fallen too far.

Loved this book. Rush has all the elements of a damaged bad boy and Blaire is your perfect innocent girl next door, and together they are hot! This book is quite steamy at times and definitely left me wanting more! The sequel Never Too Far unfortunately does not get released until March 2013, so I will have to wait to find out what happens next. BOO!! I am hoping that we get to learn more about Rush's history in the next book as his character was never really fleshed out. I am hoping that he is more than just the philandering playboy. There were definitely glimpses of a more tortured soul and I am hoping to learn more about him in the sequel. My only complaint about this book is that I now have to wait on pins and needles for the next one.

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