Breakable (Contours of the Heart #2) by Tammara Webber

Easy is one of my favorite NA novels, and Lucas is my favorite book boyfriend, second only to Mr. Darcy (and that’s saying something!). He is everything that you could ask for in a book boyfriend: intelligent, kind, protective, artistic, passionate, with just a little bit of bad boy mixed in (motorcycle, tattoos, lip ring, long hair...what’s not to love???). He’s also just a little bit damaged. I loved watching him and Jacqueline fall in love and find their happy ending, but I was dying to know more about the mysterious guy who captured her heart (and mine).

I was so excited when I heard that Tammara was releasing Breakable, that I might have broken out into an excited happy dance, not going to lie. I counted down the days, growing more and more impatient as the release date got closer and closer. I even had to pull Easy off the shelf to read again (no arm twisting required) the week before Breakable came out to tide myself over. The best part? My pre-ordered copy showed up a day early! Needless to say, I got nothing accomplished that evening. I think I may have even ordered pizza, so I didn’t have to waste precious reading time cooking myself something to eat. I know all you book nerds out there will understand! ;)

There is always a pang of worry when I open a much anticipated book, but Tammara did not disappoint. Breakable is not just a straight retelling of Easy from Lucas’s perspective, however. We also get a lot more insight into Lucas’s life in high school after tragedy strikes his family and changes his life forever. I loved how she divided the book chapters, using “Landon” and “Lucas” to distinguish between the present and past.

I came away from this book loving Lucas even more (didn’t think that was possible!). My heart ached for him as I read about his high school years and it this book really flushes out and adds to his character. I read this book in one sitting and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. It made his happy ending that much sweeter. Breakable definitely got a big book hug at the end and left me with a book hangover, probably because I forsook sleep in order to finish it.

This series is so worth your time. I would recommend reading Easy first, and I promise that you will not be disappointed. The series does deal with some heavy stuff, but in the end, I found the story to be uplifting and it left me with a smile on my face. This is a series that I know I will come back to again and again. Five GIANT stars!

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