Nash (Marked Men #4) by Jay Crownover

Nash Donovan’s world has been knocked on its side. As the man whom Nash has known as “uncle” lies in a hospital bed facing a grim prognosis, Nash learns a family secret that has him questioning everything. The only bright spot in the whole situation is Saint Ford, the pretty nurse that Nash can’t seem to ignore. The only problem is, Saint hates Nash.

After high school, Saint left Denver determined to get away from her mean peers and the boy with the startling eye color, whose rejection and dismissal forever left a stain on her heart. Returning to Denver after her father’s infidelity leads to her parents’ separation, Saint has learned that men cannot be trusted. Nevertheless, Saint has fulfilled her dream of becoming a nurse, and has little room in her life for love. Even though she cannot forgive him for the past, Saint cannot ignore the feelings that Nash stirs in her.

Nash is determined to hold on to the one good thing in his life and prove to Saint that he isn’t the guy she seems to think that he is, and the more Saint gets to know him, the more she finds herself questioning the past. As her own insecurities threaten to keep her and Nash apart, Saint will have to decide whether or not she is willing to risk it all for love. 


Jay Crownover delivers another amazing installment in the must read Marked Men series. I LOVE this series, and the books keep getting better and better. What makes this series so amazing is the characters that Jay has created. On the surface they are the outcasts, the ones who are easily judged and dismissed by their appearances, but underneath the surface they are real, unique, and give credence to the old saying that, "your friends are the family you choose." Every time I pick up one of these books, I can't help but think that I would love to be apart of this crazy family. The loyalty and love all of these characters have for each other is just heartwarming. Probably not a word you expect to hear when reviewing a series about tattooed and pierced guys, but it's what makes this series special. It's about so much more than just hot guys (not that I don't love each and every one of them!!)

Fans of the previous books will not be disappointed. Nash (and that dragon tattoo!! OMG!!) has joined the ranks of my book boyfriends, and Saint could definitely be one of my homegirls. There are plenty of steamy scenes, but this book also has a lot of heart. It is an emotional book with a lot of heartbreak, but it is also a book about family and love, not just for others, but for yourself as well. I cannot say enough good things about this book and the series. It deserves 5 giant and colorful stars.

The best part is, we can expect two more books in the series. Up next is Rowdy's story, which I have a feeling will be quiet entertaining. We get to meet the girl that will hopefully rock his world, Salem, at the end of Nash's book. Looks like we can expect that one sometime in October of this year (just in time for my birthday!!). Also in the works is a book for Asa. Personally, I'm hoping that he might end up with Saint's cop friend, Royal. Something tells me that would make for a VERY interesting story, but I guess we will just have to wait and see. Expected publication date TBA.

I am also super excited for Jay's new series, Welcome to the Point. The first book, Better When He's Bad, featuring a sexy, dark, bad boy named Bax will be released in June. I already have mine pre-ordered, and I have a feeling that I am going to love this new series just as much as the Marked Men series. 

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