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The Circle The Circle by Dave Eggers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This modern day dystopian novel explores technology and social media through The Circle, a multi-faceted company, that is "revolutionizing" the world. While we are increasingly connected through social media and technological advancements are making life easier and easier, what is the true cost?

I found Mae, the protagonist who joins The Circle as a new employee, to be a frustrating character. While her somewhat clumsy rise through The Circle showcased the pressures of social media and how easy it is for technology to take over, she is so easily led that she is a rather flat character. She would have been a much more dynamic character if she had any independent will whatsoever. She is a sheep and that makes for a boring protagonist. The other characters are also stereotypical and clearly meant to exemplify our modern-day technology tycoons.

Overall, the story was entertaining, however, it is also somewhat predictable and slow at times. As most dystopian novels are meant as a commentary on some social issue, I'm not sure that this one really adds to the conversation. It seems to speak in extremes. You're either all in and are ready to sell your soul to technology or you're all out, dropping off the grid completely. Isn't moderation the key?

It's not horrible, but it's not fantastic either.

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