The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare

The Infernal Devices series is the prequel to The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. This trilogy takes place in 19th century London and follows Theresa "Tessa" Gray and the strange and wondrous turn her life takes after she journeys to London after the death of her aunt to join her brother Nathaniel. In London she discovers that she is not in fact human, but a Downworlder, a supernatural, and there are those who desire her and her special abilities for sinister means.


Book One: Clockwork Angel
Upon arriving in London, Tessa is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters and a secret organization called The Pandemonium Club. Tessa learns that she has the ability to transform into another person and the Dark Sisters train Tessa, telling her that she is soon to be married to the Club's leader, the Magister. With the unexpected help of the Shadowhunters, Nephilim (half angels/half human) who are bound to protect humans and keep order in the supernatural world, Tessa escapes the Dark Sisters and takes refuge at the Institute. In exchange for Tessa's help in hunting down the Magister, the Shadowhunters agree to help Tessa find her brother. Tessa finds herself being drawn into the world of the Shadowhunters and increasingly fascinated by two Shadowhunters - James (a.k.a. Jem), an old soul with a dark secret, and Will, whose quick wit and volatile moods keeps everyone at an arm's length. As they work together to solve the mystery of the Magister it becomes clear that the Magister's plans have been long in the making and that the fate of the world could be threatened.


Book Two: Clockwork Prince
Mortmain (a.k.a. the Magister) has disappeared and when Benedict Lightwood challenges Charlotte for control of the Institute, she is given two weeks to discover his whereabouts. The Shadowhunters of the Institute dig into Mortmain's past hoping to find a clue as to his plans, and in doing so, Tessa discovers some clues to her birth and her gift. Meanwhile, Will pushes Tessa farther away as he desperately looks for a way out of his curse. Tessa and Jem grow closer and Tessa finds herself developing feelings for Jem. As the clock ticks down in their search for Mortmain, Tessa and her companions find themselves betrayed by one of their own and no closer to discovering the next phase of Mortmain's plan.


Book Three: Clockwork Princess

As Tessa prepares for her upcoming wedding, the dark shadows of the Magister and the mystery of what she is continues to loom over her. Mortmain needs Tessa and cannot realize the final step of his plan without her. He begins to strike at Tessa, trying to draw her out. When this fails he uses his Infernal Devices army to capture her and force her to do his bidding, and in doing so threatens all that Tessa holds dear. With everything at stake and hanging in the balance, Tessa will finally come to realize the truth of what she is and fulfill the destiny that was hers all along.


I loved everything about this series! Absolutely everything! I loved the setting, I loved the characters, I loved the story, I loved....EVERYTHING! There was not a single thing that I would have changed. Clockwork Princess was my favorite of the three and the perfect ending to the series. The resolution of Tessa, Jem, and Will's story left me heartbroken (and crying!) and then rejoicing in its perfection. It left me absolutely emotionally ravaged and I literally had to stop and just sit, so that I could process everything. 

People often ask how I can get so worked up over characters who are not real. If you are not a true book lover I suppose it can be hard to understand, that it would seem silly to get so invested in people who are not real, but that's just it...to me they are real. As I turn the pages of their story, as I lose myself in their world, as I see what they are thinking and feel what they are feeling, for however long I am with them on their journey...they ARE real. It is the most amazing gift that authors give readers - the opportunity to live a thousand different lives between the pages of a book. Granted the degree of attachment is different from book to book and some characters are easier than others to let go, but each time I read a book the characters become more than just what is written on a page, they become people to me. 

The characters of The Infernal Devices series - especially Tessa, Will, and Jem - are not characters that I will be able to get over easily. They are the type of characters that will stay with me always and I know that I will come back to revisit them again and again, just like old friends.

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