Walking Disaster (Disaster #2) by Jamie McGuire

Walking Disaster is the companion novel to Beautiful Disaster, which tells the story of Abby Abernathy and Travis Maddox. Abby leaves her hometown for college with the hope of leaving her past behind her and starting over. Travis is a notorious bad boy known for his temper and his one night stands. When Abby meets Travis she knows that he is exactly what she has been trying to avoid, but cannot deny the draw she feels towards him. Travis can't ignore Abby either. Since the death of his mother, Travis has been on the lookout for a love worth fighting for and he thinks he may have found it in Abby. However, the two of them have so many issues between them that their relationship seems doomed from the start.

Whereas Beautiful Disaster is told from Abby's perspective, Walking Disaster is told from Travis' point of view. I liked the first book, but didn't love it and found myself cringing a lot. Travis' behavior was often over the top and borderline abusive, but it was clear from the first novel that Travis was the more complex of the two main characters. The problem was you didn't get a whole lot of Travis' backstory in the first novel. I enjoyed Walking Disaster much more than Beautiful Disaster. Travis' behavior doesn't seem so extreme and a lot of his actions are better understood when seen from his point of view. There were several events that felt brushed over and I wasn't a huge fan of the Epilogue, but this book was far better than the first one.

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