Twisted Perfection (Perfection #1) by Abbi Glines

Woods Kerrington knows what he wants in life. He has worked hard and paid his dues at his family's country club with the goal of eventually being promoted to VP. He knows what he wants when it comes to relationships too - nothing complicated, just a night of naughty fun. This changes when he meets Della Sloane. The two spend one passionate night together before Della walks out of his life, but Woods can't seem to forget her. Months later when Della comes back into his life, Woods finds himself questioning everything about the life he thought he wanted. A relationship with Della is anything but simple. It is complicated not only by the objections of Woods' family, but also by the dark and twisted past that haunts Della. Can Woods finally stand up for himself and claim his life for his own? Will he lose everything in the process? Can Della face the demons of her past and seize her chance at love and happiness? You will have to read and find out...I'm not telling! ;P

Fans of Abbi's Fallen series (with Rush, another of my favorite book boyfriends) will love this spin off series starring my new favorite book boyfriend, Woods Kerrington. Woods was one of my favorite characters from the Fallen series and I was excited to hear that he was going to get his own book, and I have to say that I am not disappointed! There was a brief moment when I lost faith in Woods (sorry! Hanging my head in shame!) when I thought he wasn't going to be the man I knew he was, but he came through for Della (and me) in a big way in the end. I loved watching him fall head over heels and there were plenty of steamy scenes to enjoy.

My only qualm about Twisted is that Abbi has left us with a serious cliff hanger - one that had my mouth dropping open with a gasp - and part two, Simple Perfection, doesn't come out until the Fall of 2013! Oh Abbi, why must you torture me like this??

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