This Girl by Colleen Hoover

This Girl is the third installment in the Slammed series (review here) by Colleen Hoover. This time we get to see the events that happened in Slammed through the eyes of Will. I loved how Colleen approached this book. It is not just a straight retelling of Slammed. Instead the book picks up where Point of Retreat (book two) leaves off - with Will and Layken on their honeymoon.

Will tells Lake about some of the most memorable moments from when they first met - the first moment he saw her, their first date, when he realized he was her teacher, the moment when he first realized he loved her, the poetry slams, etc. The book flows back and forth between the present and Will's remembrances  which was an interesting style choice. I enjoyed it because it was more like a conversation. She asked him about something, he would tell her about it, and then we got to see her reaction to Will's thoughts and feelings.

The epilogue takes us 3 years into the future and was the perfect ending for this series. The final poem - my last piece - was so touching and perfect. God, I would love to find myself a guy who can write poetry like that! Will is definitely one of my favorite book boyfriends :) I'm so happy that Colleen decided to write this book. I love when we are able to see both sides of the story. I think it adds so much more depth to the characters and the events in the story. Another great one from Colleen!

The Slammed series has just been re-released with new covers. Make sure to check them out!

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