Finding Cinderella (Hopeless #2.5) by Colleen Hoover

Let me start by saying that Colleen Hoover could charge whatever she wanted for her novels and I would gladly fork it over. I love her that much! To show her appreciation to her fans, she released this novella for FREE! As if I needed another reason to love her. Now some might think that because it is free, that Colleen might not have put that much effort into it, or that it is really just a fluff piece....well let me put that thought straight out of your mind. This novella is AMAZING!!

Finding Cinderella focuses on Holder and Sky's best friends, Daniel and Six. I loved these characters in the other Hopeless novels. Daniel is hilarious and truly has a way with words and Six is the kind of friend that I would want to have. When I heard that they were getting their own story I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. So this is how is plays out...

Daniel has a chance encounter with a mystery girl in the maintenance closet at school. Neither one of them knows what the other one looks like, but in the brief time they spend together they form a connection. When their time is over, Daniel forces himself to push his Cinderella to the back of his mind. Moments like that don't really happen and it was all pretend anyway...right? Despite his best efforts, Daniel can never completely forget Cinderella. One year and one bad relationship later, Daniel is no closer to finding Cinderella or believing in real love, until he meets Six. Daniel and Six connect almost instantly and they fall for each other hard and fast. Discovering that Six is in fact Cinderella should have sealed the deal on happily ever after, but this revelation only exposes other secrets with the potential to ruin everything.

This novella was absolutely perfect and Daniel and Six are perfect for each other. There is plenty of humor and one hell of a twist at the end that I didn't see coming at all. I truly enjoyed watching these characters fall in love with each other. My only hope now is that with all four of our favorite characters set to head off to school together in the fall that Colleen is setting the stage for more books to come in the Hopeless series...Please? Pretty please? I'll even throw in the cherry...

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