Finding It (Losing It #3) by Cora Carmack

Kelsey Summers wanted nothing more than to live in the moment, to exist in the here and now. She escaped to Europe after graduation to find out who she was and to escape the meaningless future her parents planned for her. Along the way she found plenty of parties, booze, and "friends" to keep her company. The one thing she didn't find? Herself. But then again, she wasn't looking too hard. Finding herself meant facing the things she was running from.

Everything changes when a chance encounter brings Jackson Hunt into her life. He is tall, dark, dangerous, and the connection between the two is electric. After a few more (slightly embarrassing) encounters, Hunt convinces Kelsey to give him a week - a week free of alcohol and full of adventure. With each new city and adventure, Kelsey discovers a little bit more about herself and falls a little bit more for Jackson. However despite their connection, Kelsey realizes that she doesn't know much about Jackson and when it becomes clear that he is hiding something, Kelsey fears that she may be putting her heart on the line for nothing.

I love Cora Carmack's books. Her characters are relatable and I love the awkward situations they find themselves in. Her books are funny, endearing, romantic, with a splash of sexy. Finding It is by far my favorite in her Losing It Series. Each one of the books in the series gets better and better, and this one was fantastic. It was so good that I didn't even need a bookmark because I never put it down. Finding It is full of angsty sexual tension and I found myself as frustrated with Hunt as Kelsey was. The passion between these two is red hot and makes for a crazy good read. And just when you think things are finally coming together, there is a fantastic twist (didn't see that one coming!) which tears it all apart. Don't worry though, the ending left me hugging the book to my chest with a smile on my face. 

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