The Love Series by Tina Reber

Book I: Love Unscripted
Ryan Christensen just wanted to be an actor. He never could have imagined the turn his life would take after staring in a wildly popular film. With his career in overdrive, Ryan finds himself in the fishbowl that is fame - hounded by the paparazzi and obsessed fans.

Taryn Mitchell is a realist. She has sworn off men after having her heart broken by her fiance. Her sole focus is her family's pub in Seaport, Rhode Island. Taryn is unimpressed by the celebrities that have invaded Seaport as they film their latest film, but when Ryan Christensen escapes into her pub after being attacked by fans, she cannot help the attraction she feels towards him.

Both Ryan and Taryn have been burned in the past and have trust issues, but the connection between them is strong. They find themselves falling hard and fast for each other. However, Ryan's high profile career presents challenges to their relationship. The two of them must overcome their own jealousy and insecurity, all while surrounded by the constant scrutiny of the press and Ryan's fans, if they hope to have any chance to be together.

Book II: Love Unrehearsed
Taryn and Ryan found in each other what they have always been searching for, but happily-ever-after isn't so simple as riding off into the sunset. Taryn finds herself engaged to the most sought after star in Hollywood. She must now learn to navigate his Hollywood world and figure out her place in it. Every move she makes is documented in the tabloids, Ryan's management team is worried about how an engagement will hurt his career prospects, obsessed fans threaten her life, and her own insecurities seek to threaten her happily-ever-after. In the face of all the pressures and all those who want them to fail, Ryan and Taryn must put their faith and trust in each other, but with no script to follow they will have to forge their own path to happiness.

If you have not read this series then get yourself to a bookstore FAST...or Amazon with it's wonderful Whispersync. I loved this series from the first page to the last page. This story has everything you could possibly want in a NA romance. Taryn is down-to-earth and believable. Ryan is everything you could want and is the newest edition to my book boyfriend list. Together they make a great couple and I was rooting for them from the start. This series is full of angst and romance and I can't recommend it enough. Amazing, amazing, amazing series.

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