Ella and Micha: Infinitely and Always (The Secret #4.6) by Jessica Sorensen

After five years of marriage, Ella couldn’t be happier. Her job is great. Her marriage is amazing. But when she receives some surprising news, her world is turned upside down.

Micha loves being a musician, but being on the road, and away from Ella, is difficult. When the industry begins to put pressure on him to change his image, he makes a choice; one he fears is going to drastically change Ella’s and his future forever. That is until he learns Ella has a secret, one that makes his career choice seem hugely insignificant.


This is a fun little peak into the lives of Ella and Micha, five years after we left them. This novella is not full of the angst and drama that has been a hallmark of Ella and Micha's love story, but rather a sweet culmination of their previous books. You definitely need to read the other books in this series before you pick this one up, but if you are a fan of Ella and Micha's, then you will not be disappointed. 

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