Forgiving Lies (Forgiving Lies #1) by Molly McAdams

Forgiving lies are “usually lies you tell people to protect them or be polite…They’re the kind of lies that people forgive and forget about because they are so minor.”

Sent to Texas along with his partner, Mason, to work on a murder case after their cover is blown and drug dealers order a hit on their lives, Logan “Kash” Ryan can’t afford any distractions. He has a job to do – catch a serial murderer before he finds his next victim.

What he doesn’t expect is to fall hard and fast for his next-door neighbor, Rachel Masters. He is drawn in by her feisty attitude and soon discovers it is really a shield behind which she hides dark secrets. As Kash works to break down Rachel’s shields, his guilt grows. Kash has to keep his real identity and job secret from Rachel. It’s the only way to protect her, but he also knows that the longer he goes without telling her the truth, the greater the chance he has of losing her.

Rachel Masters’s goal for the summer is just to survive and move on. After being violated by someone she knew and trusted, Rachel would rather be alone than trust another guy. There is just something about Kash that she can’t resist. He sees through all her shields, makes her feel things she never felt before. 

"But when people tell harmful lies, or ones that can shatter trusts, and the other person finds out about them…they always say what they did was unforgivable."

As Rachel’s past and Kash’s current case clash, Rachel’s safety is threatened and all the secrets and lies are revealed. Rachel’s trust is shattered and she finds that she doesn’t know Kash as well as she thought she did. Will she forgive him for lying? Can she learn to trust him again? Or will he lose her forever


While I love Molly McAdams, I am always hesitant to pick up one of her books, as they usually contain a torturous love triangle and cause me to out and out ugly cry. Don’t get me wrong - I love that. I usually just have to mentally prepare myself for an emotional roller coaster ride. Not the case with Forgiving Lies. In fact, this book is quite a departure from all the previous novels that I have read by Molly. I really enjoyed this novel and Kash is quite the leading man. What can I say? I’m a complete sucker for tattoos and a lip ring. He was the perfect match for Rachel, whose feisty attitude and sarcastic comments made her the perfect counterbalance.She is a character that I could see myself hanging with. Rachel was by far Molly’s most developed female character.

The plot was somewhat predictable, but there were some surprises thrown in that I didn’t see coming. It was still emotional, but not torturous, and had just enough sexual tension and angst to make it worth reading. I liked how it switched perspectives, giving us insight into both Rachel’s and Kash’s heads.

There is an ominous cliffhanger, which has me excited for the next one. However after reading the synopsis (see below), I am a little worried that a love triangle will be introduced, which I’m pretty sure will ruin the experience of this series for me. Rachel and Kash are clearly meant to be together and I hope that she doesn’t completely unravel this couple. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until March to find out...


Coming Soon…Deceiving Lies (Forgiving Lies #2)
Expected release: March, 2014

Rachel is supposed to be planning her wedding to Kash, the love of her life. After the crazy year they've had, she's ready to settle down and live a completely normal life. Well, as normal as it can be. But there's something else waiting—something threatening to tear them apart.

Kash is ready for it all with Rach. Especially if all includes having a football team of babies with his future wife. With his line of work, he knows how short life can be, and doesn't want to waste another minute of theirs. But now his past as an undercover narcotics agent has come back to haunt him ... and it's the girl he loves who's caught in the middle.

Trent Cruz's orders are clear: take the girl. But there's something about this girl that has him changing the rules and playing a dangerous game to keep her safe. When his time as Rachel's protector runs out, he will turn his back on the only life he's known, and risk everything, if it means getting her out alive.

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