Remy (Real #3) by Katy Evans

"Every cell in my body is buzzing with awareness. Every inch of my skin is awake. My muscles feel primed like they do when I'm ready to fight. Except I'm not ready to fight now. I'm ready to go get my mate. God help her."

Remington “Riptide” Tate is every woman’s fantasy. King of the underground fighting circuit, Remy is a powerful force used to getting what he wants. And from the moment he lays eyes on her, Remy wants Brooke Dumas. The desire he feels for Brooke is unlike anything he has ever experienced. 

He not only wants her physically, but he wants to protect her, to take care of her, to make her his forever. The problem is that Remy is hiding a secret. A secret that has already caused him to lose things in the past. A secret Remy fears will drive Brooke away forever. Remy knows what he and Brooke have is real and he’s never been so determined to fight for it.

We saw Remy and Brooke’s love story through her eyes, now see it through Remy’s eyes.

*Note: I recommend reading Real and Mine before reading Remy, as it contains spoilers.


Remington Tate is one of my favorite book boyfriends and I can’t sing his praises enough. I love everything about this character and can’t get enough. When I heard that Katy was going to be releasing a book from Remy’s perspective, I couldn’t click the pre-order button fast enough. Needless to say, my expectations for this one were sky high. The day it arrived in the mail, I grabbed it from my mailbox (I might have done a happy dance…) and instantly sat down to read. A few hours later, I was finished and I wasn’t disappointed.

I did feel like there were some events that were brushed over, but Remy is a man of few words, so it makes sense that his recollections would not be very verbose. Other times were during his “black” periods and it makes sense that he would not recall much. Nothing that wasn’t included was significant enough to make me lament its exclusion. All in all, the only complaint that I really have is that it was too short, but I will always want more when it comes to Remington Tate.


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