The Crush Series by Lacey

Book I: Crush
Cami Wimberley and Hunter Wilder seem like the most unlikely of couples. Cami is beautiful, a talented musician, gets good grades, and plans to go to college. Hunter, while handsome and charming, is a party boy with a bad reputation. Despite their apparent polar opposite personalities, it is clear to everyone that they are crushing on each other.

Hunter, however, is determined to keep Cami at an arms length, regardless of how he feels. He has a secret, a secret that will change everything. Something that he must protect Cami from at all costs. But Hunter is unable to deny his growing feelings for Cami or stay away from her. When his secret is finally revealed, Hunter will find himself scrambling to protect Cami.


Book II: Smitten
Everything seems to be going perfectly in Cami and Hunter's (a.k.a. Dylan) world. Cami is at her dream college, pursuing music, and Hunter is by her side. Everything is going according to plan until Hunter is called to go undercover again. His new case involves infiltrating a gang known for chopping and racing cars. Hunter is not allowed to have any contact with Cami and to make matter's worse, he is required to play the role of boyfriend to the sister of the gang's leader, Ripper.

Unable to keep away from Cami for long, Hunter arranges to meet her. Unfortunately, Ripper follows him and Hunter is forced to introduce Cami as his foster sister to keep his cover. Making matters worse, Ripper takes a liking to Cami and decides to pursue her. Cami and Hunter are forced to play a long in order to keep Hunter's cover, and both of them must endure seeming the one the love in the arms of another. As the case heats up, Hunter and Cami find themselves playing an ever increasingly dangerous game as they steal moments of passion. When his cover is blown, Hunter and Cami find themselves on the run from Ripper and his gang.


This is a great little YA series from Lacey. I first came across her writing when I read the Finding Nikki series, which is fantastic, but caused me to ugly cry more than once. This series has suspense, but not a lot of angst. The story was somewhat predictable, but I was still able to lose myself in the story. Because it's a YA series, the romance is PG-13 at best, so don't pick this one up expecting steamy scenes. The most scandalous thing about this series is the fact that Cami is underage when she and Hunter first meet. Regardless, I still enjoy Lacey's style and recommend this series to those who enjoy YA romances. 


Up next in the series...

Book III: Love
Scheduled for release in February, 2014

Living happily ever after has always been part of the plan for Cami and Dylan, but when strange things begin happening around the Wilcock household, Cami simply believes her pregnancy hormones must finally be catching up with her.

Desperate to keep his wife safe and happy, Dylan hires a live in maid to help Cami out while he’s at work. But when both Cami and the maid start experiencing the unusual occurrences, he’s at a loss about what to do.

Unable to explain what’s going on, Dylan delves deeper into the mysterious happenings, but when the truth comes out, he finds himself scrambling desperately to protect his one true LOVE.

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