The Ever After of Ella and Micha (The Secret #4) by Jessica Sorensen

When Ella leaves Micha standing at the alter, his worst nightmare seems to have come true. Ella has run away. Again. But while Ella is having second thoughts, it's not about marrying Micha. When a mysterious package appears on their doorstep including a journal that belonged to Ella's mother, Ella finds herself plagued by old doubts. She knows she wants to marry Micha. He is her light in the dark. But now she is having second thoughts about marrying Micha without their families.

So Ella and Micha head back to Star Grove, where it all started. As Ella comes to terms with the journal, Micha gets offered the chance of a lifetime - to tour with his favorite bands for three months. Accepting the tour means leaving Ella behind for three months, something that Micha doesn't want to do. But can he really ask her to give up school and her job to come with him?

Ella and Micha know that they are meant to be together. However, happily-ever-afters aren't always easy. Ella and Micha will once again have to overcome their fears and doubts, face challenges head on, and fight for their love if they are going to have the future they want.

"It's because of those things that I know that you'll walk up that aisle that Lila's going to make you walk up, say your vows, kiss me, and then we'll have our happy, sad, sometimes good, sometimes bad, crazy, bumpy, intense, worth-the-journey ever after."


This is the perfect conclusion to this love story. Ever After is not nearly as angsty as the previous novels, but I don't think it needed to be. If there were ever two people made for each other, it's Ella and Micha. It offers us glimpses into the past - the first time Ella and Micha met, how their friendship grew, when they realized they had feelings for each other. These moments were heartwarming and sweet, and serve to affirm that these two really are soul mates and meant to be together. This book was about healing and moving forward. I loved watching these two characters finally get the ending that they deserve. Jessica does a perfect job of wrapping up their story and I feel completely content with where we leave Ella and Micha.


Up next in the series...
Lila and Ethan: Forever and Always - expected release December 24, 2013

Lila Summers just wants to know one thing for certain: that Ethan Gregory will be with her always. Once her friend, he's become so much more, melting the pain of her past away with each kiss. Now Lila is on a road trip with Ethan, in the wilderness under the stars, and she can't imagine her life without him. But when she talks about the future, something in Ethan changes . . .

Ethan has no doubts about his feelings for Lila. His life with her gets better every day-and that's the scary part. How can he walk into a future where he has everything to lose? With Lila, his whole heart is on the line for the very first time. But if Ethan can't give her the promise she needs, his greatest fear might come true: he'll lose Lila for good.

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