Awakening You (Unraveling You #3) by Jessica Sorensen

Lately, life has been going well for Ayden. His relationship with Lyric is starting to heat up and his career in music is taking off. But the disappearance of his sister still weighs heavily on his mind.

Desperate to find out where his sister is, Ayden decides to take drastic measures. But his dangerous risk leads to the unraveling of secrets, and he’s left facing a darker past then he ever could have imagined.


I love this series and the covers of these books are my favorite out of all of Jessica's books. I had hoped that this book would be the end, only because I worry that the plot line might be stretched too thin, but it's not, and it appears that there is one more book to come. If Inspiring You (due out in May) is the final book, then I will be happy with how this series played out. Awakening You is another typical middle book, but rather than move the plot forward, I think it's main purpose was to further develop Ayden as a character.

In many ways, Ayden grows quite a bit in this book - taking steps to move on from the past, changing his self-perspective, allowing himself to grow closer (emotionally/physically) to Lyric, and building the courage to face his past head on. While he is in no way completely "cured," I think his character is set up quite nicely to face whatever awaits him in the next book, which of course, includes the bombshell dropped on us at the end and involves a startling revelation about who held Ayden and his siblings captive. So after reading this book, I am left with only one question: Is it May yet??

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