The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley

Amber Walker and her older brother, Jake, have an abusive father. One night her brother's best friend, Liam, sees her crying and climbs through her bedroom window to comfort her. That one action sparks a love/hate relationship that spans over the next eight years.

Liam is now a confident, flirty player who has never had a girlfriend before. Amber is still emotionally scarred from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. Together they make an unlikely pair. Their relationship has always been a rocky one, but what happens when Amber starts to view her brother's best friend a little differently? And how will her brother, who has always been a little overprotective, react when he finds out that the pair are growing closer?


Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I did have some issues with the plot, however. Amber is the classic damaged girl, and Liam has loved her since they were kids. In an attempt to get over her, Liam develops the reputation as a player, until Amber begins to see him in a new light. The story does deal with some heavy issues and my main issues with the plot stem from plot's timing and inconsistencies with characters. Amber and Liam's love story was sickly sweet at time, and this is definitely more YA than New Adult. 

Stop reading now if you don't want plot spoilers....

Issue number one: Amber, even though she has dealt with abuse in her past which has prevented her from wanting to be in a relationship, ends up falling in love with Liam in a week. I'm sorry, but anyone who went through what she did would need more than a week to overcome those obstacles, even if she's known the boy forever.

Issue number two: Amber is totally down with winning a bet about who will sleep with Liam next. Again, with her past, this seems out of line with her character. She hyperventilated whenever a male so much as talked to her, but she's totally okay with announcing and bragging about the fact that she slept with Liam after only being together for a week? Not buying it...

Issue number three: the pregnancy/miscarriage scene. This was totally unnecessary drama. The scene would have worked without Amber being pregnant and subsequently miscarrying. I just didn't see the point of having Amber become pregnant, only to lose the baby shortly thereafter. It just seemed unnecessary to me.

Having said all that, I did still really like the story. I was hooked and think that it is a sigh worthy (if not slightly unrealistic) love story.

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