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Hard Choices Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton
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I have always respected Hillary Clinton and her long career dedicated to helping families, especially children. I admire her ability to break "glass ceilings" and be a force in a male dominated field. I picked up this book because I wanted to learn more about Clinton's time as Secretary of State. Listening to the audio book was somewhat jarring because Hillary read the first chapter of the book and the narrator, Kathleen Chalfant, who read the rest of the book have very similar sounding voices.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the book. It was written and structured well. The narrative was engaging, even funny at times. There were parts that were more candid than others and some that were more "P.C." than I would have liked. I think Clinton was honest, but let's face it, politicians never stop being politicians, so I'm not sure that some of her opinions were censored.

What I came away with from the book was an appreciation for how complicated foreign policy is. It is a delicate dance where every move, no matter how small, is significant. The color outfit you wear, the gift you send, where you travel or don't travel, every word said and every gesture made - it all matters. And yes, hard choices must be made. It's a job that I can't imagine anyone ever wanting, but it is a job that I know have a greater appreciation for.

Overall, I liked the memoir.

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